The Respectful Leader

Seven Ways to Influence
Without Intimidation

The Respectful Leader is an award-winning, best-selling, and fast-paced business fable that tells the story of a new CEO who discovers that disrespectful leadership is killing his company’s productivity, partnership and profits. Author Gregg Ward’s highly engaging style offers real-world examples of how the hidden power of respect can be used to change attitudes and behaviors.

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What is Respectful Leadership?

Respectful Leadership is giving others – regardless of position or status – the same kind of genuine regard and consideration that you want them to give you, and doing this in ways they prefer.

About the Book


An Editors’ Pick for Amazon’s Best Books of the Month in Business and Leadership

In The Respectful Leader, Gregg Ward – expert leadership consultant, speaker, and executive coach – introduces Des Hogan, a brand-new CEO who discovers that disrespectful behavior on the part of his leadership team is quickly eating away at his company’s morale, sales, and profits. At a loss for a solution, he meets Grace, a straight-shooting, self-described “little old lady” in the maintenance department. With her no-nonsense advice, Des sets out to revamp the culture and turn his company around. But first, he has to take a good look at himself.

This enlightening story is based on the author’s 25+ years of experience serving some of the world’s top companies. The Respectful Leader will help you recognize the power of respect and show you how to create a winning culture based on Respectful Leadership:

  • Discover the key behaviors used by respectful leaders to significantly impact morale.
  • Learn how to adjust your own and others’ attitudes to boost productivity, teamwork, and profits.
  • Grow personally and professionally by leading from a place of mutual respect and consideration.

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About the Author

Gregg Ward is the CEO of the Gregg Ward Group, a management consulting, training and coaching firm that focuses on helping leaders develop their Respectful Leadership, Emotional Intelligence, and Executive Presence skills.

He began his career in the 1980s as a specialist trainer for the New York City Police Department. Since then he has developed, delivered and facilitated thousands of keynote addresses, experiential learning programs, and executive coaching sessions for a wide range of clients, including ADP, Booz Allen Hamilton, Harley-Davidson, InterContinental Hotels Group, Kaiser Permanente, Kraft Foods, Merck Medco, Qualcomm, Raytheon, Siemens, The University of California, The US Navy and Warner Bros. Studios.

A former journalist on assignment throughout Europe for BBC Radio, Scotland on Sunday, and other UK media, Gregg is also the author of the business book Bad Behavior, People Problems & Sticky Situations: A Toolbook for Managers and Team Leaders.

Are You a Respectful Leader?

The Respectful Leader Self-Assessment will give you a quick evaluation.

What Leaders are Saying

  • Through this highly readable and engaging fable, Gregg Ward conveys powerful yet simple concepts and skills that can transform organizational cultures and elevate our work and personal lives. The human and business case for Respectful Leadership is crystal clear.

    Raj Sisodia — Professor, Babson College, Co-Founder & Co-Chairman of the Board, Conscious Capitalism, Author, Firms of Endearment: How World-Class Companies Profit from Passion and Purpose
  • Gregg Ward knows that common sense in the workplace is not necessarily common practice. Read The Respectful Leader and learn how the simple act of treating others with respect can transform individuals, departments, and organizations for the greater good.

    Ken Blanchard — Co-Author, The New One Minute Manager® and Collaboration Begins with You
  • Being treated with dignity, fairness, and respect should be the inalienable right of every employee. Gregg Ward provides vital insights that help leadership deliver on the promise at all levels of the organization.

    Kenneth W. Freeman — Allen Questrom Professor and Dean, Boston University Questrom School of Business
  • A great, true-to-life story that’s full of people (and straightforward lessons) that show how any leader can succeed without being a jerk.

    Cynthia Burnham — Author, The Charisma Edge: A How-To Guide for Turning On Your Leadership Power
  • If you want to keep the Millennials, treat them with respect! Ward’s terrific book shows you exactly how.

    Frank C. Ginsberg — Founding Chairman and CEO, AFG Advertising
  • Gregg Ward’s fable reminds us that developing a habit of respect for others is the right thing to do; and for business leaders, its regular practice can reap enormous benefits. This book is an excellent primer on the Golden Rule’s significance in the workplace, as well as in daily living.

    Jack Lentz — Founder/CEO, Annex Brands, Inc.
  • Gregg Ward’s incredible sense of respect and appreciation for supporting others through listening and motivating provide him a premier point of expertise in identifying the essential skills every leader should exercise to become more effective.

    Nina Tassler — Advisor and Former Chairman CBS Entertainment

The Seven RespectfulDo’s

The Seven RespectfulDo’s are key behaviors that are the foundational practices of Respectful Leadership. They are as simple as smiling and saying “Good Morning” to everyone you meet – even a stranger walking down the hallway. They are highly motivating behaviors, such as when you ensure that you regularly acknowledge your employees for doing the right thing. They’re about getting your “emotional shift” together and not taking out your frustrations on others. They’re about being as honest and as open with your employees as you can be, and apologizing when you’re disrespectful. The Seven RespectfulDo’s aren’t particularly difficult to do, but they do require consistency and authenticity. Practiced together on a consistent and genuine basis, the Seven RespectfulDo’s will help you to create a work environment where respect, trust, collaboration, productivity, and loyalty thrive.